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VISCOBIT is a viscosity modifying organic additive for the production of warm mix asphalt (WMA). VISCOBIT is based on polyethylene wax. It can be used in mastic asphalt as well as rolled asphalt. It is suitable for the production of ready-to-use binders (including PMB) and for the direct use in asphalt mixing plants or cookers.

Stable asphalt even at low temperatures

Our test series have shown that VISCOBIT, thanks to its special molecular structure, has no negative influence to the low temperature behaviour of warm mix asphalt.

VISCOBIT meets all requirements for a viscosity-modifying organic additive for warm mix asphalts.

This means the following advantages for the application:

Performance of VISCOBIT has been tested in binders and asphalt under various conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

VISCOBIT has a specific molecular structure, which provides a good interconnection of the additive with the bitumen matrix. In opposite to some other viscosity modifying additives the cold temperature behaviour is therefore not impaired by VISCOBIT. With VISCOBIT, users achieve an increased plasticity range in the bitumen, especially in the direction of low temperatures.

The dosage of VISCOBIT depends on the quality of the used bitumen and the intended effects. Typically, the recommended dosage is between 2% and 3% related to Bitumen.

Yes, VISCOBIT can also be used in polymer modified bitumen. It is well compatible with bitumen, but also with the commonly used polymers and has a positive effect to polymer distribution and storage stability.

VISCOBIT is commercially available. VISCOBIT is supplied in PE bags of 25 kg each and 750 kg per pallet. Delivery in big bags of different sizes is possible on request.

VISCOBIT is supplied as free-flowing, dust-free fine grain with a medium particle size of approx. 0.5 mm. To bring the product into the mixing equipment, pneumatic conveying systems or suction weighing systems are suitable.

VISCOBIT should be stored dry in its original packaging at room temperature. Direct exposure to sunlight and water should be avoided. When stored according to this recommendation, VISCOBIT has no limited shelf life.

Yes, it’s called Viscobit AdPro and it’s a new bitumen additive based on a modified polyethylene wax. It has a particularly good performance in improving deformation resistance, but additionally it has a positive influence to the adhesion to aggregates. It is also suitable for PMB.

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